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ARC's next meeting is scheduled for June 22, 2023 at the same wonderful location!

Skillet and Grill
1801 W. Division

Attention, Patriots!

ARC has a tab link at the top of this page called Important Election Info.

Clicking that tab will display a whole list of buttons that have important info, but the last button is even more important. It will take you to a Google doc where we are accumulating numerous Patriot links to help you get even more information about our country, its government and all things related.

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It was a great meeting


Skillet and Grill
1801 W. Division


It was BYOAB

(That's Bring Your Own Adult Beverage for those from Rio Linda)
Menu included: 
Sandwiches, potato salad, Cole slaw for $15

Carlos Turcios did a great job of explaining the concern the citizens of Arlington should have for the 'woke" University in out city.